Braychino Village – Big Lake (Golemo Ezero)

Braychino Village – Big Lake (Golemo Ezero)

Braychino Village – Big Lake (Golemo Ezero)


Description of the trail: The trail is 14 km long and lasts 5-6 hours.

The trail is located on Pelister – Baba Planina, Municipality of Resen and starts above the village of Brajcino and leads to the Great Lake on Pelister.

The purpose of the trail is mountaineering, recreational and visually attractive, with a view and visibility to Lake Prespa, and after climbing the Great Lake there is a view on Bitola and the Pelagonia Lowland.

Hardness of the trail: Medium hard.

Starting point / altitude: Braychino at 1,000 m above sea level, End point: Great Lake at 2,218 m above sea level, Total denivelation: 1,218 m above sea level.

The predominant species of plants in this area are oak forest, beech, hornbeam, cornus mas (cornelian cherry dogwood), wild plum, willow, St. John’s wort, thyme, mountain tea, thistle (scotishdthorn), cherry, lynx, blueberry, raspberry, spruce, etc., from Animal species can be found: bear, wolve, fox, wild boar, badger, rabbit, smooth and esculapian snake, horned viper, common adder, eagle, falcon, black woodpecker, partridge and many other rare species of birds, butterflies and insects.

The trail is of significant tourist interest for visitors staying in the village of Braychino and who are interested in climbing to Big Lake  or to the Pelister Peak. The trail is known as Trail to the Big Lake.