Mountain Lodge Shiroka

Mountain Lodge Shiroka

The building of the Mountain Lodge “Shiroka” or in the past, so-called “Hunting house” is located in the lower part of the locality Shiroka, hence this, now adapted mountaineering hut gets the name Shiroka Mountain Lodge. The facility is managed by the “Dimitar Ilievski Murato” Mountaineering Club.

The exact location of Shiroka is from the Mountain Lodge at 1,950 meters altitude, up to the place called “Semaphores” (2,450 m.) where the road is divided on one side towards the Peak Pelister, on the other, towards Small Lake (Malo Ezero – 2,180 m), and on the third, towards Partizanski Peak, i.e. towards the locality Kozji Kamen (2,400 m.). This vast expanse is lined with ridges that descend to the springs of the Caparska River.

The magnificent beauty of Shiroka is present in the summer when this space is interspersed with colorful mountain flowers. For many forest fruit harvesters, Shiroka is the location where blueberries and various types of tea are harvested, especially thyme. Shiroka offers beauties, regardless of the time of year. The ideal layout of a wide horseshoe-shaped enclosure allows safe skiing, as all roads lead and end in one place, which is the spring of the Caparska River, near the Mountain Lodge.

Otherwise, the locality of Shiroka is most often reached by the mountain road which from the Information Center at about 1,350 m. (the former villa of Lazo), through Palisnopje and Caparska Preseka, after 10 kilometers, riches Mountain Lodge, from where the area Shiroka begins.

The text for this information is adapted from the text of the author Dragan Ristevski, published in “Bitola News” (see link: