Plants of international importance

Plants of international importance

Plant species on Pelister which are on the World Red List of Endangered Species (IUCN Red List of threatened species, 1998):

  • Alkanna pulmonaria
  • Centaurea deustiformis
  • Dianthus myrtinervius
  • Fritillaria gussichiae
  • Malus Florenthina
  • Pedicularis limnogena
  • Pinus peuce
  • Sempervivum octopodes
  • Viola eimia

Species treated by Bern Convention (Bern Convention Annex I); Habitat directives (Habitat directives, Annex II b, Annex IV b): Buxbaumia viridis

CORINE species: Crocus pelistericus (MK)

Species that can be found on the Balkan Peninsula and Europe, and on the territory of RS Macedonia only develop on Pelister:

  • Dianthus stenopetalus,
  • Tozzia alpine subsp. Carpatica
  • Viola parvula