Churces on Prespa side – NP Pelister

Churces on Prespa side – NP Pelister

Churces on Prespa side – NP Pelister



On the Prespa side Baba Planina and NP Pelister, beside prominent Church of St. Gеорге in Kurbinovo Village, according to its significance, is Slivnica Monastery – The Monastery Church “Nativity of the Most Holy Mother of God”, which was built and painted in 1607. The Brajchinski Monastery, located about 500 meters east of the village of Brajcino, with the church St. Petka.




The most important Churches and Monasteries in and arround NP Pelister on Prespa (Resen) side:

Dolno Dupeni – Sv. Bogorodica i. Sv. Atanas – St Mother Mary and St Atanas

Ljubojno – Sv. Petar i Pavle, i Sv. Jovan – St Peter and Paul, and St Johan

Brajcino – Sv. Nikola i Sv. Petka – St Nicola and St Petka

Slivnica – Manastir – Sv. Bogorodica – Monastery – St Mother Mary

Strbovo – Sv. Atanas – St Atanas

Krani – Sv. Gjorgji – St George

Kurbinovo – Sv. Gjorgji – St George

Grncari – Sv. Ilija – St. Elijah

Podmocani – Sv. Gorgji, i Sv. Petar i Pavle – St George, and St Peter and Paul

Arvati – Sv. Arhangel Mihail  – St. Arhangel Michael

Rajca – Sv. Nikola – St Nicola