Churces / Monasteries in Maloviste

Churces / Monasteries in Maloviste

There are several churches and monasteries in the village of Malovishte


The church of St. Petka is the largest Orthodox church in Malovishte Village. The church was built in 1856 on the foundations of another smaller church, dating from the late 16th to early 17th centuries. It is dedicated to the great Christian martyr St. Petka, which believers consider a protector of the dead. The holiday of St. Petka is celebrated on July 26.

The church has a beautiful architectural design. The base is 32 m long and 20 m wide. In the church there is a small icon with a relief representation of St. Petka in gilded silver, which is traditionally placed next to the deceased during funeral ceremonies.

The church has a permanent gallery of icons with about 100 specimens enclosed in a chronological range of approximately 400 years.

The monastery of St. Anne


At 1,410 m above sea level, and at 2, 5 km. southwest of the village of Malovishte, in a tall beech forest, the monastery “St. Anna. “ There is evidence that it existed in the mid-18th century. The monastery is dedicated to St. Anna, the mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary. (Celebration days are July 25 – September 22).

The church of St. Salvation


High on the mountain under the peak of Pyramid (Vrteshka) at 2,000 m, is the church dedicated to the Resurrection of Christ – St. Spas. The church holiday changes the date, but not the day. It is always celebrated on Thursday, 40 days after Easter.

In addition to these churches, there is a church at the entrance to the village of Malovishte, the church dedicated to St. George, and to the south, after the last house in Malovishte, is the chapel of St. Athanasius the Great.