Magarevo Village – Yorgo’s Stone – Red Rocks

Magarevo Village – Yorgo’s Stone – Red Rocks

Village Magarevo – Yorgo’s Stone – Red Rocks

Description of the trail: The trail is 6.5 km long and lasts 2.30 – 3 hours.

The trail starts from above the Magarevo Village, goes beside the Magarevska River and climbs to the locality of Jorgo’s Stone, then continues through the forest and stones to the place Red Rocks.

The purpose of the trail is mountainous and recreational, visually attractive, passes by Magarevska River and has a view to the stone “rivers” up to Yorgo’s Stone, from where there is a beautiful view on Bitola and Pelagonija lowland, and then from Red Rocks has a landscape view to Debel Rid, Orlov Bari and the Valleys of the Sapundzica and Crvena  rivers.

Difficulty of the hiking trail: Light to medium heavy.



Starting point / altitude: village Magarevo, at 1,057 m above sea level.

End point: 1,800 m above sea level, Red Rocks, total denivelation: 740 m above sea level.

Flora and fauna: The predominant woody species along the trail is the moth or, Macedonian pine, (Pinus peuce Grisebah), and fir (Abies alba), fern, fern, primrose, primrose, forest strawberry, mulberry, sage, carnation, geranium, licorice, blueberry and blueberry. Animal species can be found, deer, bear, wolf, fox, rabbit, squirrel, mole, Smooth snake (Coronella austriaca), Horned Viper (Vipera ammodytes), several species of butterflies and insects.


The trail is of significant tourist interest in recreational climbing to Yorgo’s Stone and Red Rocks. The trail is especially attractive for landscape lovers. From Red Rocks it is possible to observe the flight of eagles and hawks.

The part of the trail near Red Rocks has historical significance, because in the First World War the biggest battle on Pelister took place at this location, where the Bulgarian and French units clashed, and the French troops suffered many casualties: about 6,000 soldiers died at this place, in a day.