Golema Livada

Golema Livada

The location Golema Livada is located west of the settlement Magarevo at an altitude of 1,280 m. It has a temperate continental climate and strongly accentuated annual seasons. The locality Golema Livada has a useful area of ​​4,000 m2 and is a natural gathering place for the citizens of Bitola for a one-day vacation and recreation, which in some weekends gathers up to 2,000 visitors.

Greater Livada has several canopies and a number of benches and seating tables used by visitors, including two fountains. There are three pedestrian and bicycle paths to Golema Livada, from Rotino, Magarevo and Caparska Preseka.

A procedure is currently underway to set up a Children’s Amusement Park on one side of the meadow, which will provide more entertainment for visitors, especially the youngest.

The asphalt road Bitola – v. Magarevo – Hotel Molika passes 300 m. from Greater Livada, and a macadam road to the asphalt. On the other side, the Great Livada is connected by a dirt road to the village of Rotino, which is 1.5 km away. A large meadow is also connected by a dirt road to the Information Center of NP Pelister, but that road is narrower and is available only with an off-road vehicle, in the length of 500 m.

Otherwise, in a procedure and procedure, which will take until the realization, as a public-private partnership, investment in the construction of a tourist center for recreation – with which on the site would be built bungalows, mountain cottage, septic tank, sports field, tea shops , drinks and food, restaurant-cafe-bar in ethno-style, covered space for barbecue, space arranged for children’s play, camping plots, sanitary unit (showers and toilet), etc.