Historical Trail

Historical Trail

Info Center – Hotel Molika (Historical Trail)

Description of the trail: The trail is 2 km long and can be used for climbing, if starting from the Pelister Information Center, or for descending if starting from the Molika Hotel on Pelister.

Purpose: the trail is mountaineering and hiking, intended for recreation and historical knowledge of Pelister, Baba Planina, the city of Bitola and RS Macedonia.

Weight: Easy trail

Starting point / altitude: Infocenter NP Pelister at 1360 m above sea level.

End point: 1450 m above sea level, Total denivelation: 90 m above sea level.


Flora and fauna: The predominant woody species along the trail is the Macedonian pine (Pinus peuce Grisebah),  fir (Abies alba), fern, blackberry, forest strawberry,  yellow primrose,  hood, etc., and the animal species can be found: roe deer, fox, rabbit, squirrel, mole, several species of butterflies and insects.


Attractiveness: The trail is of considerable tourist interest for visitors that are interested in the history and past of RN Macedonia. The trail is known as the Historic Trail, as it gives a historical description of the events of the First World War that took place on Baba Mountain, Pelister, Bitola and the surrounding villages of Pelister.

The trail has a number of information boards, and several covered canopies with informative photos and data, and can serve, in addition to informing tourists about the events of the First World War, and the reconstruction and description of military operations, to help visually experience the appearance of the different armie and its uniforms, weapons and equipment of the armies participating in the war, as well as picrues of local population, description of consequences of the war on the population of Bitola and the surrounding villages, as well as for many other details from that period.


It is especially suitable for performing a historical classes for WWI and for the events on the Macedonian Front (Thessaloniki Front).