Kopaniki Ski center

Kopaniki Ski center

Kopanki Ski Center

On the plateau in front of Kopanki location there is the upper part of the cable car which, from there, descends to the Hotel Molika (Begova Cesma). The complete infrastructure of the cable car, ski slope and ski lift are located next to Hotel Molika at an initial altitude of 1,420 meters where the cable car starts. At 1,610 meters is the location of the mountain lodge Kopanki and the start of the ski slope, to at an altitude of 1,800 meters. In winters with more snow, the Kopanki Ski Center is massively visited by Bitola and outdoor skiing fans.

The location Kopanki can be reached by an asphalt road from Bitola through the villages Magarevo and Trnovo to Begova cesma (hotel “Molika” 1,420 m altitude), after 18 km park the vehicle, and then on a hiking trail through a pine forest wood and fern in 30 minutes you reach Kopanki. It is possible with a cable car, but with a pre-made agreement.

The ski center “Kopanki” for the guests and visitors it expects, has two facilities that are completely renovated and put into operation, as follows:

Cable car and ski slope “Begova Cesma – Kopanki”

• Length of the complete plant 680 meters
• Starting station at an altitude of 1400 meters
• End station at an altitude of 1610 meters
• Number of two-seat baskets 68
• Capacity for passenger transport 500 per hour
• Average slope 36%

Ski – Lift and ski slope “Kopanki”

• Length of the complete plant 580 meters
• Starting station at an altitude of 1610 meters
• End station at an altitude of 1800 meters
• Number of towing anchors 45
• Capacity for transport of skiers 700 per hour
• Average slope 38%.