Vasilicа Carnival in Capari

Bitola, 13 January 2012 (MIA) – The Organizing Committee of the traditional Vasilica Carnival held every year in the sub-Pelister village of Capari, announced today that tomorrow morning through the streets of that village will parade about fifty people of different ages under masks.

According to Jovan Nastevski, a member of the board, the Vasilica Carnival dates back to the 1950s, when certain organizers had problems with the then authorities, who did not support this tradition of the inhabitants of the village of Capari.


– This year, more participants have registered than last year. Various masks from the participants of the carnival have been announced, which will gather at 9 am in the middle of the village, and then will pass through all the village streets where they will be welcomed by the local population, but also the guests from Bitola and other cities, where many Cepari residents live now, said Nastevski. .

The organizing committee of the traditional Vasilica Carnival in Capari expects the event to receive more institutional support this year, so that this rare gathering, nurtured and passed down from generation to generation, will not be extinguished due to population migration.

Се појавија првите василичари од карневалот во с.Цапари

Similar traditions in the Bitola villages of Capari and Malovishte

In addition to the “Vevcani Carnival”, other smaller carnivals are organized in the country in honor of the New Year’s Eve – Vasilica. One of them is the carnival in the sub-Pelister village of Capari in Bitola.
According to the organizing committee of the traditional “Vasilica Carnival”, in this sub-Pelister village tomorrow morning, 50 masked babars of different ages will parade through the streets of Capari. The board’s expectations for the organization of the traditional “Vasilica Carnival” are that next year the event will receive greater institutional support, which would contribute to a greater massification of this long-term carnival.
A similar carnival on a smaller scale, but quite interesting, is organized by the residents of the sub-Pelister village Malovishte in Bitola, which is only a few kilometers away from Capari.