Folklore events

In the framework of the Pelister National Park in the past, took place some folklore and cultural events that were important for the local population.


  1. Ethno Festival – Malovishte



In the only village within the borders of the National park Pelister – Malovishte Village,in the period  2001 – 2008 was held “Ethno Festival – Malovishte”, organized by the Association EKE, and with the support of the Municipality of Bitola and other foundations, such as Commune of the Vlachs “Manaki Brothers” from Bitola.

Due to organizational and financial reasons, this festival has not been held in recent years.


2. Fair of local products from the Sub-Pelister region




Organized by the Municipality of Bitola and the local group for rural development, in 2008 in the village of Trnovo was held the first fair of local products and services in the sub-Pelister region.

The aim of the fair was to promote and sell local traditional products to create opportunities for the development of alternative tourism, sustainable use of natural resources and branding of traditional products from the region, in order to improve the living conditions of the rural population in the sub-Pelister region. Over 60 local farmers, craftsmen, caterers and other domestic producers from the four villages presented themselves at the fair: Dihovo, Nize Pole, Trnovo and Magarevo.

Unfortunately, this event was held only for three years in a row, and did not continue to exist due to lack of funds after the completion of the project for its organization.