75 years of Pellister National Park celebrated


National Park Pelister from Bitola marks 75 years since it was declared the first national park in the former Yugoslavia. The celebration was with the opening of the exhibition “Beauties of Pelister” by Petar Stavrev, which is in the lobby of the Culture Center from Bitola.

At the commemoration of the day of the Pelister National Park, the director of the Pelister National Park, Malić Semshedini, said:

– In cooperation with the employees and Stavrev, we organized this event. Today, when we commemorate the day when Baba Mountain was declared a “Pelister” national park 75 years ago, which is significant for Bitola, I would not like to talk about the state of the park, I will only say that it is good. One thing that gives me the certainty that we will continue to promote the values of the national park is given to me by the employees I met when I took over the position of director. These are professionals who have been working here for a long time, who wholeheartedly advocate for the national park “Pelister” to be a success story, not only for Bitola but also for the country. So thank you all. The park doors are open to everyone for new ideas, cooperation, and everything that is positive for the park and will contribute to its development.

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