Children (Educational) Trail

Children (Educational) Trail

Children’s (Educational) Trail – Children’s Resort – Great Meadow (Golema Livada)



Length of the trail is 2.3 km,

It starts at the Parking in front of the Children’s Resort and ends at the location Great Meadow (Golema Livada), and is used in the opposite direction.


The purpose of the trail is hiking, educational and recreational, and it belongs to the category of easy trails.

Starting point / altitude: The parking lot of the Children’s Resort 1,270 m above sea level,

End point: Great Meadow 1,180 m above sea level, with a total level of 90 m.


The trail passes through a Molika pinus forest (Pinus peuce Griz), passes through the recreational location of Mala Livada (Small Meadow). It has an outdoor classroom,  then passes by Viewpoint and continues to Great Meadow. Along the trail there are educational boards with endemic and important species for the flora and fauna of Pelister.


Because the Great Meadow site is often visited by one-day student excursions, the Children’s Trail is often used in the opposite direction, for walking from the Great Meadow to the Children’s Resort and opposite.