Amet Axhiu - General Manager

Tomislav Petrov - Chief of the Auxiliary-Technical Department

Kujtim Rashidovski - Authorized guardian in protected area

Iljo Sterjovski - Ranger - Authorized guardian in protected area

Nedzip Sefedini - Worker

Gjorgi Paligora - Authorized guardian in protected area

Kole Trajchevski - Authorized guardian in protected area

Ajser Memedova - Collaborator for organizing field work protection

Toni Tolevski - Forestry worker

Naume Naumovski - Forestry officer

Vasko Chelovski - Forestry worker

Pece Cvetanovski - Chief of Administrative Department - Official person for free access of public information

Zoran Projcevski - Colaborater for firefighting protection and marking in private forest

Vladimir Vasilevski - Consultat - Commercialist

Neda Bonchanoska - Consultant - Authorized accountant

Dana Pandarevic - Independent Officer for Administrative Support

Elena Tanovska - Independent Officer - Treasurer

Shejme Bichakovska - Forestry technician

Pece Cvetanovski - Chief of the administrative department

Tatjana Novakovic - Consultant for traffic transportation

Vasko Vasilevski - Worker

Goce Cuculoski - Veterinary technician

Oliver Bozinovski - Collaborator for protection against pests and diseases