Considering the importance of collecting and marketing of non timber forest products (NTFPs) for National Park Pelister (PNP), the Park has been working on establishing organised system for sustainable collection for the Molika and fir-tree pine cones and seeds. For the past few years, PNP has been establishing organised system for blueberry collection with issuing concession to buy-out companies and licences to collectors. Based on the previous experiences PNP identified the need for detailed mapping of blueberry (Vaccinium myrtuillus). As result of this, we are selling:

Organic certified blueberry




Molika (Pinus Peuce Gris.) and fir-tree pine cones and seeds

National park Pelister is offering:

1. Pinus peuce Gris. decoration cones  -  1,9 EURO / per 1 kgr.

- Fco Loaded Bitola (Village Dihovo)

2. Pinus peuce Gris. seed - 13,5 EURO / per 1 krg.

For detail information’s please call us or contact us via e-mail.