Maps and Brochures

There are also an excellent choice of maps and brochures of the park and its beauty. You can find every information that u need. They are available for you in the info center or in our headquarters.These are the maps and brochures that are available for the public :


Archeological Sites
The area covered by the Pelister National Park is a true palimpest constantly written and rewriten by history.There for every visit to Pelister is a new expirience and a quest for new historical data…

arheoloski1 arheoloski2

Churches and monasteries
Pelister’s picturesque nature and its rich cultural and spiritual heritage are our common treasure. The team of Pelister National Park will continue to work to make the stay of every visitor more enjoyable …

crkva1 crkva2 


Trails for the children
Here you can find all the things to do if you are visting us with a group of children.There are all the easy trails and all the fun activities for the children …



The First World War Book
The town of Bitola and its surrounding region has undergone numerous upheavals wars and raids in its history. Of all these, World War I was evidently the greatest and most massive military blow ever to have befallen this territory in terms of numbers of troops and milithary materiel involved …

war1 war2







Rocky Trails
The rocky trail is marked education trail , leading the visitors through very attractive scenery , rich in a natural beauties. Through the trail, the visitor can enjoy the dense Molika pine forests, witness rare and endemic floral species and specific relief forms …