Recent Events

July - Public call - needed documentation for the purchase of blueberries in 2020


In accordance with our competencies defined in Article 141-a of the Law on Nature Protection (Official Gazette of RM no. 67/04, 14/06, 84/07, 35/10, 47/11, 148/11, 59 / 12, 13/13, 163/13, 41/14, 146/15 and 39/16) and Article 72 paragraph 3 and paragraph 4 of the Law of Forests ("Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia" no. 64/09, 24/ 11, 53/11, 25/13, 79/13, 147/13, 43/14, 33/15, 44/15, 07/16 and 39/16), PI NP Pelister announces a PUBLIC CALL for submission of requests for conclusionagreement for performing activity - purchase of blueberries, on the territory of NP Pelister, with fee.

The public institution for the needs of the public call issues the following documents:

  • REQUEST sheet for concluding an agreement for purchase of blueberries through purchase points for 2020,
  • ANNUAL PLAN FOR PURCHASE of total quantities of blueberries, and
  • Permit from the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning for the purchase of blueberries.

The above documents, in integral form, are published in electronic version on the website of PI NP Pelister, in Publications - from where it can be downloaded.

The right to submit a request has any interested domestic legal entity that meets the following conditions:

1. To have a registered activity for purchasing blueberries;

For proof of fulfillment of the above condition, the legal entity will have to submit the following document to determine its ability:

- Current financial статус.

All interested domestic legal entities that meet the above criteria from the day of publishing the Public Call on the website of PI NP Pelister, are invited to submit a request for concluding an agreement along with other documents to the e-mail address od National park:  np.pelister @, with the subject: "Request for concluding an agreement for purchase of blueberries on the territory of NP Pelister".

PI NP Pelister – Bitola 20.07.2020



July - 05 July 2019 - Decision for starting a public procurement for terrain vehicle under IPA Program

Other document can be find on this web side - on page - Publications


April - Decision for cancellation of a public procurement procedure - terrain vehicle under the IPA Program - 10 April 2019


April - Decision for starting a public procurement - a terrain vehicle under the IPA Program - 9 April 2019


February - Public announcement for Project manager position at "I-TOUR" Project

In adiition are given the Decision for public annoucement for Project manager, Public annoucement  and Terms of Reference for Project Manager










Due to the partial ban on walking – hiking in the forest (from July 15 to August 15, 2017),

for stay in NP Pelister you need a walking - hiking permit.

You can pick permit at the Head Office of NP Pelister at Bitola, Vienska Street,  No. 14 (Monday – Friday) from 7 am to 3 pm), or to send a request via our e-mail address:,  under  providing us the following data about you:

- name and surname,

-  Passport number,

- country from which you come

- which days you will stay in NP Pelister

June - US Ambassador Jess Baily Visits NP Pelister


In an additional panels, located on the Historical trail on Pelister, by an event and special speech of US ambassador Jess Baily, was shown the US assistance in the First World War (WWI), that was sent to Bitola and its surroundings. On the occasion of the centenary of the involvement of the United States in WWI, US Ambassador Baily, today has launched the memorial marks in the National Park Pelister.


For successfully organized event and cooperation in setting up the memorial of US assistance in WWI for Bitola and its surroundings, set in two panels of Historical trail on Pelister, His Excellency, Mr. Jess Baily has awarded a special gratitude to Pelister National Park.

The Director of the National Park Pelister, Mr. Amet Adzhiu, has given to the Ambassador Jess Bailey a photography of Mr. Baily’s hiking at Pelister expressing an spontaneous meeting with a group of Pelister hikers. This gift was a special and very pleasant surprise for the Ambassador.


June - Minister of Environment and Spatial Planing, Mr. Sadulla Duraku have visited the NP Pelister.


Minister of Environment and Physical Planning, Mr. Sadulla Duraku today visited the National Park Pelister and attended the event held in honor of setting the memorial panels of the United States, about assistance that US gave to the Bitola and its surroundings in WWI.


Minister, Mr. Sadulla Duraku and director of NP Pelister, Mr. Amet Axhiu, had a brief meeting, at which, the Minister Duraku was presented the organization and working of Public institution National Park Pelister, in achieving its basic function - protecting of the natural heritage of Baba Mountain and Pelister.

May - NP Pelister and adventure tourism challenges


Sara Wheeler, a famous traveler author, in organisation of Balojani Touristic Service, has visited yesterday and today National Park Pelister, in her adventurist journey in Macedonia... yesterday to see part of our wildlife and today, to plant a Molika pine tree, and test Macedonian traditional food at Molika Hotel on Pelister...   


The star of Pelister, however, is not the bear, but the molika pine (Pinus peuce Grisebach), indigenous to the central Balkans but almost nowhere else, and as tall in Pelister as 40m. The ancients recognised its unique characteristic compared with other pines — it is the only species with five needles."


You can find here the article that Sara Wheeler has published in The Times

May - Foresters house at Derven have got a new look!

Getting new look..."fresh one" 
Foresters house at Derven - NP Pelister - after volunteering action
of members of mountaineering club PSPK 7 of May from Bitola.


This days we have received an very interesting mail, we give that content below:
On Wednesday 3rd May we heard and sighted a Balkan Lynx at the top of the Historic trail. 
We both heard its calls and the I sighted it for about 15 seconds as it crossed a clearing and went into denser vegetation. It then continued calling for about another 30 seconds.
We are retired Zookeepers and the unique sound alerted us to its presence.
Really enjoyed the Rocky trail as well but the Lynx sighting was a real bonus.
David and Erica Bailey (from Australia)
From: Erica Bailey <>
May 7 at 12:03 PM
Many thanks to David and Erica Bailey from Australia, who have today actualized
the story of the presence of the Balkan lynx at Pelister National Park
(The B/W photo is done by trap camera of the NP Pelister, but the color photo of lynx here is done at NP Mavrovo, by Macedonian Ecological Society team from Skopje)

April - The 17th Stakeholder Group meeting of Cross-Border Region of "Prespa"


The 17th Stakeholder Group meeting for the cross-border region of “Prespa” was held on 19 April, 2017 at the Hotel “Life Gallery”, in Korca, Albania.


The discussions on this meeting were focused on the following topics:

- Overview of the activities within the EU project “Fostering regional cooperation and balanced territorial development of Western Balkan countries in the process towards EU integration” related to implementation of ABDA in “Prespa” Cross-Border region;

- Outcomes of the Second call of the ABD Grant Scheme.


In the frame of the EU IPA Project “Strengthening the capacities for implementation of Natura 2000”, PINational park Pelisterhave take participation of its 3 members of personnel to the Training Modules for training of trainers. The No. 06 of training ‘NATURA 2000 Communication & Socio-economic Benefits‘, will be organized on 23 and 24 November 2016 in Skopje.

Main learning objectives of the training:

- To learn about theory and basic principles of communication

- To differentiate communication strategies and awareness campaigns

- To present the draft ‘Public Information and Consultation Programme (PICP) developed within the project

- To be informed about socio-economic benefits

- To provide selected examples of benefits



On September 22, 2016, at National Park Pelister have stayed the representatives of forestry associations from Kranj and Kochevje – Republic of Slovenia.

They showed great of flora in the national park, and have visited Info-center and several sites in the Park. The visitors showed particular interest in the way of farming and forest management of “molika” forest in NP Pelister and tribute to the approach in which is bred and kept it, as most compact community of Pinus peuce pine in Europe.

June - Signed contract for preparation of Spatial Plan for NP Pelister


Minister of Environment and Physical Planning Bashkim Ameti, director of the National Park Pelister, Axhiu Amet and director of the Agency for Spatial Planning, Ljubco Georgievski, at 9 June 2016 have signed an agreement for the preparation of Spatial Plan for the National Park Pelister.


The total value of making this spatial plan is about 60.000 euros, while the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, through the Annual Program for development of spatial plans for 2016 has provided  about 15.000 euros.


The remaining funds for implementation of the entire project will be foreseen in the development of spatial plans for 2017.


With the preparation of the plan for the NP Pelister will be define measures for the integral development of tourism (winter, summer, eco, health and rural tourism), and will be review guidelines for integral treatment of natural resources aimed at tourist offer, which will encourage socio-economic development of settlements in and around National Park.

June - We talk about Natura 2000 at Pelister

We talk about Natura 2000 at Pelister


Employees of the National Park Pelister, representatives dealing with tourism activities in nature, representatives of other projects that work to protect biodiversity, as well as representatives from the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning currently, attend the workshop of the project "Capacity building for implementation Natura 2000". 

Remains to be seen will the National Park Pelister become part of Natura 2000 :)


Exchange experience about protected areas - wit local government representatives of Eastern Plan Region od RM
Representatives of the municipalities covered by the Eastern Region, and Municipality of Resen, have visited the National Park Pelister,
under the Programme for Conservation of Nature in Macedonia, supported by Helvetas, Pharmachem and the Swiss Agency for Development .
Pelister got acquainted with the functioning of the Public Institution National Park Peliste,r with the forms of cooperation with the municipalities of Bitola, Resen, and the possible benefits that protected areas provide to local communities.
They have visited Hotel Molika, Nightingale Stone, historic trail, Info Pelister National Park and Villa Dihovo in Dihovo village.

May - WW1 Routs of Remembrance - Pelister Hiking

WW1 Routs of Remembrance - Pelister Hiking

In advance to helding First regional conference on active tourism in Europe in Ohrid, National Park Pelister was visited on Monday and Tuesday by two groups, one (8. May) interested in advanture tourisam and Bear watching, and the other (9. May) interested in Historical events on Pelister, Bitola and sarounding.

First regional conference on active tourism in Europe "AdventureNEXT Balkans" will be held from Tuesday to Thursday in Ohrid, organized by the Agency for Promotion and Support of Tourism of the Republic of Macedonia.


The three-day conference, which will take place under the motto "Knowledge. Partnership. Growth" will be attended by over 300 representatives from the public and private sector from 12 destinations in Southeast Europe, and will be connected to 60 international tour operators and 25 journalists from 16 countries (from popular media such as The Guardian, New York Times and National Geographic).

Agency for Promotion and Support of Tourism in Macedonia is organizing the conference in collaboration with the International Association for Active Tourism (Adventure Travel Trade Association - ATTA) and with the support of USAID's Small Business Expansion.


In National Park Pelister is realizing the project "Classroom in nature" based on principles of "Forest pedagogy", supported by the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning od Republic of Macedonia.
 In realization are included pupils and teachers from primary schools "Goce Delcev" and "George Sougarev" from Bitola and school "Slavejko Arsov" from village Podmočani from Resen.

May - Demonstration exercise for protection against forest fires - Pelister National Park on 19 May 2015

Demonstration exercise for protection against forest fires - Pelister National Park

Employees of the National Park "Pelister" – Bitola, with firefighters Regiment from Bitola and volunteers from training center Pegasus, at 19 May 2015 performed the closing demonstration exercise in terms of extinguishing forest fires. What practical and theory learned in the past days, today was brought to the ground. The benefit was versatile, both in terms of prevention and in terms of action in the event of a fire in forest areas, especially in National park.


The joint memorandum on cooperation in the field of fire protection signed in 2013 between the National Park "Pelister" and the French Association for Civil Protection WORKING TOGETHER, along with the Fire department of Bitola and Learning Center Pegasus Bitola resulted in practical application of the training, carried out in park to extinguish fires in forest conditions.


Early detection and rapid response are preventive measures taken by organizing monitoring service of the Park, in addition wit regular patrolling and reporting of local people. More organized handling of firefighting undertaken measures and activities are aimed at sending a large part of employees of appropriate training, said the director of NP Pelister - Amet Adzhiu.


We like the fire department from Bitola be involved in such actions and training so that the employees can respond immediately to any place the fire is, while our crews arrive on the ground, -said the commander of TFD, Kostadin Popovski.


Association of French fire services WORKING TOGETHER has donated new equipment that will significantly increase the operational safety capabilities of the National Park Pelister, while the precious help is the experience that French firefighters shared with Bitola firefighters and employees of the Park.


National Park Pelister in the direction of preventive actions to protect against forest fires has set and observation platform near village of Rotino, where people in charge of monitoring, can soon detect any smoke or any appearance of fire in the Park and report to the fire department and the employees in this national park, in order to timely react and prevent fatal fire consequences.


At 7 and May 8, 2015 was conducted exam for geting a license for a guard protection persons, under the Law od Protection od Nature. 
The exam was conducted by 3-member committee consisting of representatives of the Ministry of Environment and PI National Park Pelister - Bitola.
The exam consists of written and oral part.
For exam were reported 11 persons, working as regional guards and forestry workers in the National Park Pelister. All of them have past the exam.

April - PUBLIC CALL for candidates for taking exam for the guards in the National Park Pelister

March - The regular 9th meeting of the Stakeholders of cross – border region of “Prespa” was held on 4th of March 2015 in Korca office of Dorcas Aid - Albania.

The regular 9th meeting of the Stakeholders Group for the cross – border region of “Prespa” was held in the premises of Dorcas Aid Albania on 4th of March 2015 in Korca, Albania.
The discussions on this meeting was focused on the following topics:
- Review of the finished activities in the 2nd phase of the project;
- Report on the finished P2P actions and other events with focus of “Prespa” region;
- Discussion on future ABDA activities within “Prespa”.
This activity is part of the European Union funded project: ”Preparation for implementation of Area Based Development Approach in the Western Balkans – second phase” implemented by SWG.

February - NP Pelister - active part of presenting Prespa at Belgrade Tourism Faire

Experience the amazing World of Balkans cross - border regions

Starting from 19 – 22.02.2015, happens the 37th International Fair of Tourism (IFT) in Belgrade, Serbia. During the four days of the fair, the cross - border regions where the Area Based Development (ABD) Approach was implemented were presented. More than 30 exhibitors presents the attractions, traditional products and services that represent amazing and undiscovered rural areas of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo* and Macedonia.

SWG represented the huge potential of the cross - border regions in the Western Balkans: "Drina-Sava", "Drina-Tara", "Prespa" and "Sharra" will be discovered.

The exhibition was supported by the European Union funded project “Preparation for implementation of the Area Based Development (ABD) Approach in the Western Balkans - 2nd phase” implemented by SWG.

December - NP Pelister is one of founders of Association "Parks Dinarides - a network of protected areas Dinarides"

In Podgorica officially established association "Parks Dinarides - a network of protected areas Dinarides"
On Assembly in Podgorica was officially established regional association "Parks Dinarides - a network of protected areas Dinarides".
Representatives of 36 parks in the region of the Dinaric Arc elected president and the administrative council of the association which will enable them to facilitate the exchange of experiences, developing joint projects and promotion.

Mr Amet Axhiu, director of National Park Pelister is signing the Act of constituting Dinaric network of protected Areas in Podgorica


October - Region "Ohrid - Prespa" become Cross-border biosphere reserve protected by UNESCO.

Region "Ohrid - Prespa" is the 14th World Cross-border biosphere reserve protected by UNESCO. The ceremony of inauguration was held on October 13 in Korca - Albania.

The main purpose of this region which received this status is to enable sustainable development of resources of nature using the needs of population that gravitates towards the region of Ohrid - Prespa, whose principal protected zones are located in the National Parks:  Prespa - Albania and in Galichica and Pelister - Macedonia.

- Biosphere Reserve - say Deputy Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning of the Republic of Macedonia, Stevo Temelkovski - is a new form of protection of UNESCO, in which man is placed first, but that does not mean that the protection of the biosphere is secondary, but it is the protection of natural resources by finding a balance between economic development and environmental protection. Biosphere Reserve opens the door through which establishes the ties between municipalities. It first emerges economic development through branding of various products in the region, and also, the development of tourism.

The central celebration was held on Main Street in Korca - Albania, where were organized numerous activities, providint support and promotion of tourism and the importance of biosphere reserve. There was held a fair agricultural products, handicrafts and local specialties typical of settlements covered by Biosphere Reserve.

The solemn inauguration in Korca was attended by senior government officials, the Parliamentarians of both countries, the municipalities in the region engravings Ohrid - Prespa, the EU representatives and the diplomatic corps, also the representatives of National Commissions of UNESCO who handed the certificates declaring the cross-border reserve to ministers of Environment of the Republic of Macedonia and Albania, Nurhan Izairi  and Lefter Koka.

Transboundary biosphere reserve Ohrid - Prespa covers the watersheds of Lakes Ohrid and Prespa, with an area of ​​446,244 hectares, land belongs to the Albanian and Macedonian part of the catchment area of the two lakes.

The territory of the reserve has over 450 thousand people in 26 local governments in Albanian, and 6 on the Macedonian side.

Reserve Ohrid - Prespa protected by UNESCO was approved by the International Council of UNESCO program "Man and Biosphere" MAB, held on 11th June in Jönköping, Sweden.

October - Founding the Association – “Dinaric Arc Parks – Networtk”

By signing the letter of intent forestablishment of the association ended the third conference of Dinaric Arc Parks

As many as 60 parks in the region have signed a declaration of intention to establish Associations "Parks Dinaric - networks of protected areas", among them five protected areas of Macedonia

Atthe Brijuni National Parkat 8 October 2014 havefinished WWF'sThird  International Conference of"Dinaric Arc Parks" in which 60 protected areas from 8countries havesignethe Declaration and laid the foundations ofestablishment of a future association "Parks Dinarides Network",which should be officially established in December at Montenegro.

Among the parks who signed the Declaration arefive protected areas of Macedonia-National parks:Galičica, Mavrovo and Pelister, and the Parks of nature - Jasenand Ezerani.

The conference presented the results of the assessment of well-being of ecosystems in the parks by the WWF in the last two years with the 57 parks in the region. It was pointed out that the most economically exploitable resources in parks, tourism, commercial use of water, forests and employment. ... WWF concluded that water is an important resource in the region that must be sustainably used. Tourism is recognized as a major source of income, but should be careful not to be organized as massive, but justsustainable.

Third WWF's International Conference on " DinaridesParks Arc" completed a study trip to Motovun forest, where the participants getfamiliar with the system of protected areas in Croatia.

September - Educational Ecological Camp – Pelister 2014

Members of the eco-club at the Youth Cultural Center (MKC) in Bitola had the opportunity to participate at the first Educational Ecological Camp organized on Pelister from 12th to 14th September. The camp strived to familiarize future activists from Bitola with the biodiversity of the National Park Pelister but especially with its important plant species.  Thus there were botanical field explorations at which the participants collected photo materials for analysis.

Additionally, the campers were introduced to the opportunities and ideas for future active participation in research projects, management of small projects and activities that would contribute to the promotion of Pelister as an Important Plant Area. MKC and the Macedonian Ecological Society will continue to support the eco-club, which is currently developing several local awareness campaigns.

The camp is part of the project A Natural Network for People and Places in Macedonia – Strengthening the CSO management and networking and is co-financed by the European Union.

August - Nurhan Izairi, Minister of Environment and Physical Planning, visited children who are on holiday at Pelister

August, 27, 2014
Children Pelister in a good mood and good health 
Today, Minister of Environment and Physical Planning Nurhan Izairi have visited children at the Children's Rehabilitation climate camp Pelister. 
Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning is already in past thirteen years, financially supports the activities of the Association of Parents for Healthy Children from Veles to provide climate rehabilitation of children suffering from respiratory diseases, anemia, allergies, etc., as a result the enormous industrial pollution in in their area of life. 
The activity is in line with the program of the Ministry and in the direction of removing the effects of historical pollution. The first year this was the prerogative of children from Veles, but in recent years, the activity has expanded and included children that live in the villages: Oslomej Thermo-power Oslomej,  near the Feni - nickel industry at Vozarci and  Miladinovci, near the refinery industry Octa.
Ministry covers financial fees for a weeklong stay of 240 children and another 22 support staff, and this year provided additional 100 children from Veles and 40 village Vozarci, Kavadarci. 
However, among the children with respiratory problems who resided Pelister, doctors found that their health have very much improved and their therapy is not needed to six months, after returning from the Pelister mountain.
After the visit of Children Hostel, minister Nurhan Izairi, have been also in a short visit of Informational Centre of National Park Pelister, where he have short breafing about Pelister done by Amet Axhiu, the general manager of the Park.

July - Announcement for Blueberry crop in 2014

May - Signed memorandums for cooperation with Macedonian Ecological Society and Youth Cultural Center

Atthe Information Center of Pelister National Park today were signed two separate memorandums between National Park Pelister and Macedonian Ecological Society (MES) - Skopje and the Youth Cultural Centre (MCC) -Bitola.

"With the signing of a memorandum of cooperation with the MES andMCC weincentive deepen cooperation in the sphere of protection of ournational park. The memorandum emphasizes the scientific collaboration and monitoring, especially of the lynx, and the enforcement education activities by raising awareness of environmental protection of the population" said Amet Adzhiu,Director of NP Pelister.

"We have had worked together on different projects, but we like to be competitive before the European institutions and funds," said PhDLjupcho Melovski, president of MES - ​​Skopje . The efforts ofpreservation of flora and fauna require cooperation among all stakeholders, and collaboration with national parks is one of the most important, because as specialinstitution, they specifically work365 days a year to protect nature.

"The most endangered speciesis Balkan lynx,that is unique andhave to be preserved on the territory of Macedonia.The individual units can be registered on the territory of Albania, and is about to discover whether it is present in Montenegro and Kosovo.Wewill work together ongreater protection of flora and fauna that abound NP Pelister"said Ljupcho Melovski.

"MCC trough its network of collaborators and volunteers will contribute to greater affirmation of the most beautiful national park in the country, Pelister," said Saso Dodovski of MCC Bitola. "As MCC we are pleased that we are part of this memorandum, and withholding debates and with education the youth we will contribute to greater protection of the flora and fauna of Pelister" - added Dodovski.

As a supporting activity of the memorandum signing at Info-center Pelister was held workshop on "Connecting People with Nature" - strengthening and networking of civil society in Macedonia byMES and MCC.

With this fact , the Macedonian Ecological Society of Skopje, in cooperation with non-governmental Plantlife International- UK began implementation of IPA project "Connecting People with Nature - strengthening and networking of civil society in Macedonia", through inclusion of Macedonian citizens as volunteers protection of natureand taking actions that would contribute to the implementation of EU regulations on nature conservation.

This project will be provide through organized events, seminars, educational meetings and other forms of action to strengthen the cooperation of several civic associations, municipalities and governing bodies of national parks that are already active in selected areas.

This was the first meeting of partner organizations, and the project is carried out fromJanuary 2014 to August 2015, with activities are in the areas: Osogovo,Shar Mountain,Mountain Ilinska - Plakenska and NP Pelister.


National park Pelister about celebration of Europark day
Special Event: Opening photo Exhibition about Bitola and Pelister in WWI and lecturing the students at Pelister’s Historical Trail 
The event has presented the remembrance of the Battle of Monastir which was a failed French attack against German-Bulgarian fortifications North and West of Monastir in 1917 during the Salonika Campaign in World War I. The battle is also known as Bataille de la cote 1248 (Battle of Hill 1248) and Bataille de Pelister (or Péristéri) after the Pelister mountain as well as the Battle of Chervena Stena, after the Crvena Stena ridge, also in the Pelister mountain range.
The event was comprised of walk along the Historical Trail, accompanied by lecture after the opening of the exhibition. The group of 40 children (16-17 years old) have walk through historical trace dating from First World War, with reconstructed trenches, bridges and cannon positions and having lecture “on open” about the Pelister as a very important war field during the First World War, especially on the end of 1916 and beginning of 1917, when both sides Central Powers and Entente suffered great losses in this battle. The local inhabitants also have experienced the most immense agonies with up to thousands shells a day, which were fired on the town of Bitola from the positions on Pelister. 
The walk along the Historical trail and history lecture on open air was realized after the opening of the exhibition of authentic photos collected during the years “Pelister–Remembering the WWI”. The numerous photos from bombing and destroying of the city of Monastir (Bitola today) should remind us how terrible could be the consequences from the war and their influence to everyone’s life. The exhibition at Info Center of National Park Pelister was organized to raise the awareness of the wide public, and especially awareness of the young generation on the relevance and value of protected areas. 
The whole event was covered by the local media as well as by the national and international social networks and channels. Parallel with the core event organized on 19.05.2014, the whole month, starting from 22.04.2014 (The International Day of Earth) until 24.05.2014, two posts on social network were released on everyday base, which were consisted of photos accompanied with relevant texts about the WWI and consequences of it at Pelister and Bitola 100 years before. 


( 04.16.2014 . ) The representatives of protected areas of six countries in the Dinaric Arc Parks lay the groundwork for the formation of association of parks.The association will make easier the exchange of experiences , promotion and development of new projectsin the future.  The association " Dinaric Arc Parks" will be established in February 2015 and its headquarters will be in Montenegro , Croatia and Serbia.

Seven representatives of protected areas in the region, led by former direkor Triglav NP Martin Sholar and Director of Public Enterprise National Parks of Montenegro,  Zoran Mrdak , discussed the development plan of the association. The main objectives of the establishment of the association outlined the networking of parks, technical and expert support in better promotion of the parks. The association should help protected areas in the region in attracting fundsand develop the Common projects .

WWF will prepare a draft charter and work plan, which will be discussed at the next meeting of this working group in July of Bled. The entire program will be presented in October at the parks Brijuni during the Third International  Conference onDinaric Arc Parks. In first three years association work will be funded by the WWF and the parks, after which the association should be a completely independent and self-sustaining .


The Balkan lynx research team from the Macedonian Ecological Society in collaboration with the rangers from National Park Pelister and the game wardens from the hunting society Prespa-Resen have deployed 24 camera-traps on different locations in the park and in two hunting grounds from the Prespa side on Baba Mt.

The aim is to monitor the Balkan lynx and its prey on Baba Mt. in the framework of the Balkan lynx recovery program (financed by Swiss foundation MAVA). We chose the best locations where wildlife tracks were recorded previously. The first results are expected after the first check in two weeks.

The first photo of lynx from NP Pelister came around 6 months ago which give us hope that in the next months we will successfully photograph lynx and other wildlife from Baba Mt.    

December - New signposts and boards for the National Park Pelister - 27.12.2013


New signposts and boards for the National Park Pelister

Centre for Development of Pelagonian Region and National Park Pelister signed an agreement for donation of 11 boards and 98 informative signposts in the NP Pelister. In order to better inform the tourists locations was promoted a tourist guide and 4 short videos.


The promotion of "Signposts to Pelister villages to preserve and promote the tourism potentials of the municipalities of Bitola and Resen" is another successful collaboration of the Center for Development Pelagonian Region and Pelister National Park, through which will be facilitate the movement of tourists to reach easier the specific locations, said Emilia Geroska - director of CDPR.


The signposts lead after 4 trails, mostly start the Bitola area of the National Park, and by are closing the Resen side. Some are one-day trail, and some are two or more days walking, and provide tourists with the opportunity to overnight at Big Lake on Pelister or at another location. Catalogue and videos allow tourists to get detailed information and contacts about specific locations.

This donation is very important to the National Park Pelister, because at the national level, almost no roadmaps to reach Pelister, said Amet Adzhiu – General manager of NP Pelister .

This project complements the project realized last year when were charted tourist potentials of Baba Mountain through a study, that have provided mikro locations and setting of the needed signposts.


Ministry of Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning
Will continue to work towards:
1. Protection and management of natural heritage, which will be promoted through enlargement
of the area of protected areas at national level, in accordance with the national legislation and
strategic documents. 
2. Cross-border cooperation between the Republic of Macedonia and Republic of Albania will be 
promoted in the field of natural resources protection and management in the frames of
activities concerning designation of transboundary biosphere reserve Ohrid-Prespa. 
3. Preparation and adoption of the National Strategy for Nature Protection. 
4. Reviewing and adopting the National Strategy for Biological Diversity in accordance with the 
Aichi targets and the Fifth National Report of the Republic of Macedonia to the Convention
on Biological Diversity will be developed.  
5. Updating of the national database of biological diversity through development of the Study for 
revalorization of Prespa Lake Natural Values.
6. Promoting management of protected areas through development and adoption of Management
Plans for the Nature Monument Prespa Lake and National Park Mavrovo, respectively. 
7. Establishing monitoring of flora and fauna of Ohrid and Prespa Lakes in accordance with the 
EU Habitats Directive and Birds Directive.
8. Building capacity of national parks in application for and management of projects aimed at
natural heritage protection and management. 
9. Developing alternative forms of sustainable eco-tourism for the purpose of promoting the 
natural heritage within national parks.
10. Planning a regional (or several national) specific training sessions for Ramsar Site managers
with the help of the Ramsar Secretariat. 
11. Proclaiming of Shar Planina National Park. 
12. Establishing biodiversity monitoring programs on national parks 



Pelister national park celebrate at30 November it’s 65 ANNIVERSARY. On that occasion, in the Information Centre at Pelister, was held a ceremony, which was attended by guests and representatives of the institutions of our country. At the beginning was opened a photo exhibition od Bitola’s mountaineer Viktor Kalauzi, under the title : “Less known Pelister”.


At the formal part of ceremony guest were greeted by the director of the National Park Pelister, Amet Axhiu, who has emphased two essential components of regarding the future wor of the Park: creation of preconditions for development of tourism and developing tourisam infrastructure through public - private partnership and the expansion of the international cooperation on Pelister with various associations and donor institutions from abroad.
"National park Pelister was first proclaimed as national park in the Republic of Macedonia, in the former Yugoslavia. At 1948 on 30 November were protected and still are – Pine “Molika” (Pinus peuce Gris.), rich flora and fauna, vast stone rivers, high peaks of Baba Mountain, and our proud highest peak - Pelister " - emphasize director Axhiu.


The Mayor of Municipality of Resen, Gjoko Strezovski in his speech underlined the positive and successful cooperation of Municipality of Resen with the National Park Pelister.

Special emphasis was given to the presentation of Mr. Nikolco Velkovski, professor of the Forestry Faculty from Skopje, who explain the the significance of “Molika” Pine and the actual need of renewal of the old Pinus “Molika” forest at Pelister.
The ceremony, was attended by representatives of National Park Prespa – Greece, and representatives of the Association for Protection of Prespa Lake from Republic of Greece.


For “The WoodDay" the Public Institution Pelister National Park have planted another,new plot of young molika-pine among the old molika-pine trees. The young molika-pinewill be nurture toreplace "old mates" , which have lost the battle withthe weather.

Under the hotelMolika and over the Historical Trail on Pelister, the employees of National park Pelister for have planted200 young molika-pine trees(Pinus pence Griz.) . New plot was set up for the restoration of the old molika-pineforests in small space, blurted empty by the wind and snow.

This sixth done parcel is done at thelocality Bey Cesme. From employees to NP Pelister withthis action the old-age molika-pine will be enable tosown and grow. This is amore proof that at Pelistermolika-pine is not only terciere relict wood, but it is a symbol of the oldestnational park in Macedonia and former Yugoslavia, .


Happy65-th Birthday Dear Pelister!(Pelisterhas been proclaimed as the National park on 30.November 1948) .

November - Candy camera has get pictures of Balkan lynx on Pelister


"A healthy environment is a prerequisite for good health and well-being of the young  generation," said Minister of Environment and Physical Planning, Abdilaqim Ademi, who today visited the children on a week-long rehabilitation in the National Park Pelister.

Within rehabilitation, children participated in the activities of the campaign to clean the National park Pelister in action "Macedonia without waste 2013.”


In the activities of cleaning the National Park pelister, besides children, were involved:  the staff of National Park "Pelister"; mountain sports clubs: "Pelister" from Bitola and "Dimitar Ilievski-Murato" also from Bitola, NGO’s:  "Youth Cultural Center " and "Biosphere ", Red Cross volunteers, employees of Hotel Molika, company "Eco Club" and public enterprise"Komunalec" from Bitola.

Central activities were at tourist site of Great Meadow, and the whole mountain slopes and locations  at Big and Small Lake, "Antenna" and trails to that location, the refuge Kopanki Hut, Palisnopje, Lastoychin Kamen,  Historical trail and Information Center of Pelister.


The aim of the campaign is to develop awareness of proper waste management and to develop mechanisms of citizens, municipalities and other stakeholders support to better cope with unstructured and illegal waste disposal in communities and national parks.


July - Study trip - Introducing the natural pearls of Macedonia and Albania


Study trip through the national parks of transboundary biosphere reserve Ohrid-Prespa was organized in period of 17 - 20 July 2013. Organizer was the Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Water Management of the Republic of Albaniaby financial support of KWF bank of Germany.


The study tour was dedicated to the introduction of reporters and staff in national parks of both countries with the main features of the territory of the proposed Trans-boundary Biosphere Reserve (PBR) "Ohrid-Prespa", which includes national parks Gaslichica and Pelister on Macedonian and Prespa ParkonAlbanian side.


Particular attention was paid to the management of protected areas in the two neighboring countries, namely: the politics of conservation, management plans, conduct of visitors, eco-tourism, involving local communities and environmental education in the context of cross-border cooperation.

During the visit, study tour participants have visited: Ohrid, Galichica National Park, National ParkPelister, Bitola and the village Dihovo in Macedonia, and Prespa National Park, Mala Prespa, Korce, Pogradec and Tushemiste in Albania.

June - Recognizing and affirming the values ​​of National Park Pelister

Today (06.17.2013 g.) National Park hosted a project team of "Dinaric Arc Parks " in order, with the representatives of the stakeholders in the park,  to express their views and systematized the values ​​of National Park and how they can be brought closer to the public.

Opening statement held representative of WWF, Danny Porej, who informed the audience about the importance of the "Dinaric Arc Parks" and the methodology by which it can be done at the workshop. The methodology is unified for all the Parks in Dinaric Arc and protected areas from  Slovenia through all countries of former Yugoslavia,  including Albania, or those where there is stretching mountain range of Dinarides.

Otherwise, this workshop was a part of Study tour in Kosovo and Macedonia, organized by the Project “Dinaric Arc Parks”, within which were visited: Shar Mountain National Park in Kosovo and the National Park Mavrovo, Galichica and Pelister in Macedonia. During that visit of Pelister National Park on Friday (06/14/2013) approximately 30 representatives of parks in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic  Srpska, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania were introduced to the joys and sights of the Park, visited Lastojchin Kamen, old  “molika” (Pinus peuce Gris.) wood, and passing by the Historical trail become familiar with the events in this region of the First World War.


At the Information Center - Pelister guests were greeted by State Secretary of the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning of the Republic of Macedonia ,  Sonja Lepitkova and Director of NP Pelister,  Amet Axhiu and attended a presentation on the work of the Ministry and protected area in Macedonia, and presentation for the organization and operation of NP Pelister.

During the stay in Bitola, guests of Dinaric Arc Parcs have visited the ancient town Heraclea Lynkestis in Bitola.



Interest in mountain tourismis actual, but offerfrom our beauty- National ParkPelister is still unable to meet the expectations of numerous, as both domestic and foreign visitors. Cadastral documentation or receiving the territory of the National Park Pelister of permanent use offrom the State of Macedonia, according to the director Amet Adzhhiu, will enable access to European funds, necessary assets  to achieve the main goal, creating preconditions for planning and development of all forms of mountain  tourism.

March - Signed memorandum of cooperation between NP Pelister and SPP (Greece)


At Pelister Information Cente (15 Martch 2013), has been signed a memorandum of cooperation by the National Park and the Society for the Protection of Prespa (SPP) from Agios Germanos, Greece. Through this collaboration is expected the expansion of the activities that the National Park has its share towards the Prespa Lake, which lie under the Baba Mountain.



After the signing of the Memorandum, at Information Centre of Pelister was opened educational exhibition titled "The authenticity of the fish wealth of the Prespa Lake", organized and sponsored by SPP, which is dedicated to the fish that live in Lake Prespa Basin, where belong some of the rivers that originate from the National Park.


In the exhibition space of the Information Centre, at the same day was opened alsophotographs exhibition,titled "Pelister: flora, fauna, endless beauty”, by author Ivan Trpkovfrom Bitola, dedicated to Pelister’s natural resources and beauty.




INTERVIEW with Amet ADZHIU directorofNP "PELISTER" - Bitola - Darko Shtargoski "Patokaz" – Magazinefor Tourism and Business, Vol. 14 January 2013

With nosmall modesty we can say that Pelister is one of the most beautiful mountains in Europe. What makes Pelister different from all other national parks?

National Park is among the most significant natural areas in the Balkans, in terms of geological, geomorphological and hydrological values, and in terms of flora, fauna and vegetation. Pelister is mostly composed of metamorphic granite rocks, some of which are about 465 million years old.

Pelister stands out for its glacial relief forms - stone rivers, which in many places reach up to 3 km length. Pelister alpine landscapes are filled with so-called stone seas (moraines) and flowing blocks.

Beyond these specifics, Pelister beauty enchants both mountain lakes (Big and Small), of which especially attractive for tourists is Big Lake. National Park has 25 rich with water rivers, among which the most attractive are: Red, Sapunchica, Shemnica, Caparska Rotinska River.

The things by Pelister National Park is especially attractive for tourists and regular visitors,  also for scientists, is its "fir" or Macedonian pine (Pinus peuce Grisebach). Pelister’s fir named “molika” is the most compact community of this fir type in the area, with over 2,500 ha. Pelister’s fir “molika” was discovered by the famous German botanist August Grizebah in 1839. Pelister old fir trees (some 250 years old,) are the main forest attractions around place Lastojchin Stone.

I would like to point out the important cultural and historical monuments that can be visited Bitola’s and Prespa’s side of Pelister, dating from Middle Ages - over 30 churches and monasteries, and historically most famous church, St. George in the Village of Kurbinovo, or monuments from the period of antique (Via Ignatius).

What can the visitors see of flora and fauna, at Pelister only?


At the territory of the National Park exists over 20 plant species which are considered as particularly valuable, and are local endemics that grow only at Pelister: Pelister heavenly dew (Alchemilla peristerica) and Houseleeks (Sempervivum octopodes). Of particular importance are the habitats of rare flora elements: Differentiated female fern, Delicate finch, Beautiful widow, Densely-flower, Defiler’s violet Carnation etc.., that the territory of Macedonia limited prevalent.

Especially important are those plants that in their name contain the term Pelister and grows as a specific national park: Pelister’s kachunka (Crocus pelistericus), Pelister’s vlasenika (Festuca pelisterica).

Animal species that have to be mention: endemic Pelister’s trout (Salmo trutta peristericus), pelagonic trout (Salmo trutta pelagonicus), shrimp (Nipargus pancici peristerica), which has been registered as a species only in Big Lake Pelister ...

How many visitors per year come to Pelister and where from are the most of foreign tourists?

According to our records in the past years at Pelister passed or stayed about 33 - 35,000 visitors. Mainly they are from our country, especially from Bitola and the environment, but we need to point out that about 15% of them are foreign tourists. They mostly visit Pelister during the summer season, and concerning foreign tourists they are mostly from: Netherlands, Israel, Germany, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, and past year, also tourists from Finland. Quite a number of visitors are from Australia, America and Canada (some of them are our emigrants who visit her birthplace), as well as we have visitors from Albania, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia ...

According to your experience, what most attracts the tourists?


Most of the tourists come on Pelister to enjoy climbing on top and visit the Big and Small Lake. A good portion of them are climbers who participated each year Pelister mountain marches, one is dedicated to Dimitar Ilievski - Murato (who died tragically after conquering the Mount Everes).

Despite several hiking clubs from Bitola, whose members each weekend are regular visitors to the mountain ranges, numerous summer visitors enjoy the natural shade of the tourist places: Pecurka, Great Meadow, Little Meadow, Kopanki, Lastoychin Stone and Palisnopje. Landscape, beautiful views, great visibility far from the mountain peaks of the National Park, and especially the beautiful view of Lake Prespa are the most attractive elements for tourists, especially pleasant walks through the beautiful fir forests.

Besides enjoying the beautiful nature which other types of tourism are offered by the National Park?


National Park special care leads to sustainable development and environmental protection. Special place occupies a rural development or eco-tourism, cultural and health tourism.

Pelister offer great opportunities for mountain biking, with their ordinary paths and cycling paths for extreme bike, which maintain national and international competitions. Pelister allows mountain climbing for different categories of climbers: fitness, recreation and photo-safari. Donkey and the Red Rocks are rocks trails that climbers use to climb. Paragliding, due to persistent currents of air, has great features and is a great attraction for the lovers of this sport. In winter season the ski resort Kopanki offers opportunities for skiing.

Do National Park cooperates with other international institutions, national parks or travel agencies to boost attendance at the park?


National Park have cooperation with domestic and foreign institutions, from science to tourism, and cooperation is numerous and fruitful. Pelister is member of associations:  Evropark (430 parks over 35 European countries) and Dinaric Arcs (which has currently 75 parks) and is actively involved in the application for the establishment of Biosphere Reserve Ohrid - Prespa with National Park Prespa from Albania, and NP Galichica and Pelister from Macedonia. Within this initiative, special attention is paid to sustainable tourism and the relation: man - development - nature.

On the other hand, through applying in IPA pre-accession funds for cross-border cooperation, Pelister have developed and is developing contacts and cooperation with numerous institutions and entities from Albania and Greece.

How the Pelister has promote at abroad?

We do with our regular articles in the joint website of the Dinaric Arc and its blog, then with the regular participation of the fairs in the country and visiting international tourism fairs. In collaboration with our tour operators and through cooperation with the Tourism Development Agency, Pelister is trying to promote itself as a tourist destination abroad.

But in that direction remains the inability to promote a complete service for visitors, because all hotels and hostels at Pelister or other legal entities are privately owned, and the National Park can‘t offer integrated tourist service.

What are the future plans for development and promotion?


To increase the number of marked trails and build several new trails for hikers, then build arboretum and alpinetum (Botanical Gardens, one of which with special water and relief features) near the Information Centre. To enrich the content in the information centre with more species of flora and fauna, to perform electrification and putting into tourist use forest houses Great Meadow, in the locality Derven and improve devices for visitors at pond "Makaza" on Prespa side. We plan to build additional parking and camp places and several new viewpoints. As recent commitment is already drawn equestrian trail in the village. Malovishta.

We can say that without greater financial support of relevant institutions in the country, the National Park will not be able to regulate all infrastructure issues such as: road network, treatment plant, etc… But in the given country's development strategies, we expect these issues to be resolved in the future.

January - Signing of the memorandum with Franch Association "Working Together" and Association "PEGAZ-EDU"


January - In fire have burned Mountain House Kopanki at Pelister 27/28 January 2013

September - Singed the Declaration of Proclaiming Biosphere Resevation Ohrid - Prespa (Macedonia - Albania)


                Mayors from the region of Ohrid - Prespa from Macedonian and Albanian side, along with managers of national parks Pelister and Galichica from Macedonian and Prespa from the Albanian side, today (09.28.2012 g.) In Korce, Albania signed a declaration establishing a biosphere reserve under UNESCO in this region. With the proclamation of the biosphere reserve, paving the way UNESCO to declared this area a World Heritage. 
                The representative of the German KWF Bank, Wolfgang Frimut, which provides support for the validity of this transboundary biosphere reserve, said the reserve should be understood as an open process in which can join all relevant stakeholders, including Greece stakeholders. Reserve will contribute to the preservation of this unique environmental and historical border region, and to promote socio-economic development of the people living here.
               Document for protected areas in coastal states will reconcile the needs for a better life for the local population as well as the sustainable use of natural resources. With that, the future generations will have the opportunity to use the same resources for their needs. It primarily means preservation and even restoration of ecosystem functions, said mayors and directors of national parks meeting.
                Bilateral Secretariat for the Protection of Lake Ohrid is a co-organizer of the process for declaring Ohrid - Prespa biosphere reserve under the UNESCO as one of the main objectives of the Bilateral Agreement for watershed protection signed by the governments of Macedonia and Albania. Declaring the area a biosphere reserve would mean determining the boundaries of the reserve and zoning activities within those limits, and entry under UNESCO protection will rise opportunities for the region's tourism promotion in the world.

January - Minister ABDILAQIM ADEMI visited children that were on rehabilitation at Pelister - 16.08.2012


Minister of Environment and Physical Planning Abdilakim Ademi together with the mayor of the municipality of Veles, Goran Petrov visited the Children's camp Pelister, where are accommodating children with respiratory diseases, anemia, allergies, etc., as a consequence of the enormous industrial pollution of local environment in which they live.

The activity is part of the annual program of the Ministry, and is organized by the Association of Parents for Healthy Children from Veles. Minister Ademi during the visit said that they make efforts in the direction of extension of the stay of children and increasing the budget provided for the exercise of these activities, which amount now covers the cost of weekly stay of 150 children. Twenty children as socially disadvantaged children funded by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and  the costs for stay of 10 children covered municipality of Veles.

Total rehabilitation is provided to 240 children and 22 staff (doctors, teachers, etc..) Most of them, 150 children are from Veles, 30 from village Miladinovci – municipality of Ilinden, 30 from Oslomej - Kičevo and 30 village Vozarce  Kavadarci.



15 January - President Gjorgje Ivanov and Diplomatic Core have visited the Info-center on National Park Pelister and was on winter walk to the place Lastojcin kamen near the hotel Molika  



October - Kosovo developing officers in NP Pelister


17 - member delegation from Kosovo has visited Macedonia. Representatives of the Ministry of Local Government and executives of three of the five regional development agencies of Kosovo were exchangeing experiences and met positive examples from the work of some Macedonian state institutions, especially the ways of organizing, implementing decisions and actions.


The purpose of our visit of National park Pelister was to see how is it organized and then to convey the experience to Kosovo. The Kosovo delegation visited the Information Centre on Pelister, where they were presented with numerous activities to attract tourists to the Baba mountains. Neighboring Kosovo still has no national park but has great potentials that wants to put into operation in thair regional development, says the director of development agency Preda plus, Marianne Milevska, who has accompanied the delegation. 

September - Ongoing the harvest and redemption of cones and seed


At Pelister National Park is ongoing the harvest and redemption of cones and seed of Macedonian pine – “Molika” (Pinus peuce Gris.).

It expects to be collected and redeemed about 5 long vehicles of cones, and about 2 to 2.5 tons of pine seed.

Because the interest in this products is large, it is expected cones to be exported at Western European market.