River Shemnica – a river with visible water flow from Pelister’s rivers

Pelister has a developed hydrographic network, as stated under the attractive spraying with agency, streams and mountain rivers, there are also two main lakes.

The Pelister Massif is intersected by a limited number of picturesque mountain rivers through which you can read the Bistrit and the leisurely leader. The Australian public can take advantage of the dynamics in the landscape plan. The project can be found on the mountain and attract the cloud, through which it extends.

One of the hosts prints the concert of Doma Lake and is suitable for the Adriatic basin, on the other side Pelagonija, on the Aegean basin. Responses to a high-ranking ticket to the surrounding valleys 23 river streams descend. A distinct mountain character is created. The best watercourse on Pelister with a length of 46 km on the Shemnica grater.

Enjoy hydrographic possibilities, with the opportunity to attract the forces of the main target lakes – the Great and Small Lake of Pelister, known as “Pelister Eyes”.

The Great Lake lies at an altitude of 2218 m. It is the only one of the highest glacial lakes in Macedonia. It extends north-south. Occupying an area of ​​4.2 ha, long is 223 m, 162 m wide, and deep 14.5 m.

The small lake lies at 2180 m. Find more information about the Red River. It is 79 m long, 68 m wide, deep of 2.6 m. The nearest 2 km from the Great Lake, to the northwest, has been designated.