Exhibitions / Museums

Permanent Exhibition  – Flora and fauna in NP Pelister



Within the National Park there is an Information Center, or a Visitor Center, at the location “7 Kladenci”, or called “Lazo’s Villa” (1,350 m altitude). The center’s main purpose is to provide visitors with information about the National Park’s basic landmarks, its values ​​and natural resources. The Info-Centre is open 6 days a week 9 am – 3 pm), except Mondays, and is available to give visitors instructions on how to use the hiking, bicycle trails and picnic areas. In addition to other informative opportunities, at Center are organized meetings and workshops.


Info-Center has a permanent exhibition on the richness of flora and fauna in the National Park, as well as exhibition on historical events related to the First World War. The exhibition space has also, a small collection of stuffed animals, as well as a small herbarium with the most important and endemic plants in NP Pelister.


For the interested visitors and the organized groups in the Info-center, presentations on certain topics are organized, most of it for popularization of the values ​​and natural resources of NP Pelister.