The climate of the south-western part of Macedonia where Pelister Mountain is located can be
characterized as moderate continental.

However, because Pelister National Park is situated at
altitudes higher than 891 m above the sea level its local climate is typically mountainous.

The winters are long, cold and with lots of snowfalls, whereas the summers are short and rather
cold. January and February are the coldest months whereas July and August are the warmest.
The precipitation is highest in October and December, but there is another peak in May.

The precipitation during the summer season accounts for 16.5% of the annual amount.

The snow cover stays from November to April, in the higher parts to May, and in small remnants up to

The data on precipitation levels and temperature in Pelister National Park were available
only for the period from 1934 to 1940 when there was a weather station in the Park.