Rules and Regulations

To protect park resources for future generations of visitors, educators, and students, we are requiring all education groups conducting activities in the park to adhere to specific rules. Thank you very much for your cooperation...


1.Movement within Protected Area is supposed to be done on marked paths, trails or mountain tracks.

2.Driving of motor vehicles outside of settlements and marked paths and trails within the Protected Area is prohibited.

3.Collecting and keeping of specimens of wild species or their parts is prohibited. Be careful not to endanger their future survival in Nature.

4.Do not disturb the wild animals; they can be very dangerous for your life.

5.Destroying of cave ornaments, rare minerals and fossils is strictly forbidden.
Preserve them for the benefit of future generation.

6.Building dams on the water flows is prohibited. It can cause decreasing of the biological minimum and further disturbances of the natural balance.

7.Before you leave collect all the waste you have generated. In Nature there is no place for waste disposal.

8.Camping and fire growing within the Protected Area is prohibited. Be attentive to the danger of forest fires.

9.When you are in Protected Area be sure that you keep your pets
(cat, dogs ) on a short leash;

10.Report all the damages you have seen within the Protected Area to the ranger‘s service or to the Administration of the Protected Area.